Drunk Stoned or Stupid

By: on October 18, 2014
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Usually the only people I credit for being clever, relevant, and hilarious are myself and sometimes Stephen Colbert, but the cards of party game Drunk Stoned or Stupid demonstrate there might be a few others out there deserving of the compliments. Two of their names are Trevor and Noah Mayer. The Brothers Mayer, along with input from friends, family, and fans' emailed suggestions, have amassed hundreds of irreverent descriptions of people and their actions, and stuffed the best of them into a box of 250 cards. Each round, Drunk Stoned or Stupid players read one of these cards aloud and determine which player is most likely to:

  • Wake up with half a burrito in bed
  • Have a 20-minute conversation with Siri
  • Call dibs on people at a party
  • Shame people for going to bed
  • Be a total brand whore
  • Break a window to get into their own house
  • Think eating chicken is vegetarian
  • Wash Red Cups in the dishwasher
  • Type out every single Drunk Stoned or Stupid card right now to ruin the surprise out of malice for people who are more witty than himself.

Like Cards Against Humanity, but swayed more towards personal attacks and arguments, Drunk Stoned or Stupid digs into how well you really know your friends. Gameplay begins with a declared judge drawing a card and reading it aloud. The player to his left then provides a story or convincing reason for someone in the group to be "tagged" with that card, and the accused must then defend himself. Moving around the circle, each person gets a shot at assigning the card to someone else and giving supporting evidence. The judge makes the final ruling, and hands the guilty party the card, along with -1 points. A new judge is then selected and the sequence begins again. When one player reaches -7 points, the game ends and he is declared the Drunk Stoned or Stupid loser.

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Get your tailgating season started as frikkin' early as NFL preseason with the QB54, an outdoor football game built around a pair of packable lawn chairs....

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Throwing Card Knives


Watermelons. You poor bastards. Always on the receiving end of novelty weapon violence. The Gotcha Cap. The Unbreakable Slugger Umbrella. The Blade Driver Crossbow. And now...the Queen of Hearts. That bitch....

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Exploding Kittens Card Game - NSFW Edition

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Elliot Tebele, overlord of the famed Instagram account Fuckjerry, has made a pretty natural transition with What Do You Meme? His images and commentary translate seamlessly from work day slacking reading material on the...

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F**k. The Game

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Who would claim you can "get smarter while swearing at your friends?" F**kin' Australia, mates. F**k. The Game is an Aussie issue, and a mind trip of cards and colors and good ol' cussin' for us all. It's a spirited party...

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