Circle Of Jerks Party Card Game

Posted: June 13, 2019
Circle Of Jerks Party Card Game
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If you're worried raunch and profanity won't make enough appearances at your next dinner party, Circle of Jerks is here to make sure all the guests leave as offended as they are exuberant.

Calling itself The Party Card Game For Inappropriate Adults, Circle of Jerks is a fast-moving competition that requires players to shout obscenities in an effort to identify and match various symbols and terms. The description doesn't elaborate on the specifics of these symbols and terms, but I imagine a penis and some boobies will be in the mix. A merkin, perhaps.

Circle of Jerks accommodates 2 to 8 players who don't mind turning their social filters off in the name of good times with good friends. In addition to house parties, Circle of Jerks recommends gameplay for "quiet coffee shops, Sunday Mass, or even a funeral."

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