Double - Roaming Robotic iPad Stand

Posted: August 20, 2013
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What if you could be in two places at once? I mean really. I mean more really than just having a view via a live video feed. What if you could walk around, look at, and engage with anyone or thing you wanted, with your face and its animations as visible to others and theirs were to you? And what if you were controlling the entire process yourself? From anywhere from 2 rooms to 20,000 miles away? Double, a perambulating robot and iPad stand, has taken these What ifs and Nike-d them up into Just do its.

Double Robotics created their self-balancing unicycle, Double, to enable a person's presence somewhere without actually flying--or rolling out of bed and walking down the stairs--there. Can't swing the business meeting in Tokyo? Send Double. Using an iPad in your home location and the Double app, you can connect to the robot-mounted iPad in the Shinjuku Mitsui Building and interact--with real-time movement and expression, at eye level--as if your physical self were there. Mom rescind your class trip to Amsterdam privileges due to having caught you using your little brother's asthma inhaler as a bong? Double will roll along on your behalf. He may not be able to eat your fill of spacecakes, but he can certainly cruise and relay the sights of the Red Light District. And the museums, I guess. If you're into that sort of thing.

At 15 pounds, Double totes and rolls easily, plus won't damage furniture or priceless 17th century artwork if he slams into it due to user error. (See, Mama, if you'd let me play more video games as a kid, I probably wouldn't be stricken with these kinds of touchscreen controller inadequacies as an adult.) The robot arrives ready for use--just insert one iPad, app-fire up the second, and off it-you goes. My, Double, what a handsome doppelganger you make.

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