Leather Akuma Zombie Mask

Posted: June 20, 2012
  • Leather Akuma Zombie Mask
  • Leather Akuma Zombie Mask
  • Leather Akuma Zombie Mask
  • Leather Akuma Zombie Mask
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Nightmares for everyone! And if the menacing mug of this Leather Akuma Zombie Mask isn't enough to creep you out 'til kingdom come, read on to discover where he got his toothy grin.

Brought to us by the rabid imagination and deft hands of Nathan Rodriguez, the same leather manipulation artist responsible for this Dragon Slayer Leather Armor, the Akuma Zombie Mask was originally priced at $300, but has recently been reduced to $99.99, and is ready to ship. One size fits most since the leather is malleable, so if you were considering attending a cosplay or LARP event as the Purveyor of Flesh-Eating Evil, better jump on this deal before someone similarly intrigued by skulls, the walking dead, and He-Man's great nemesis, Skeletor, beats you to the click.

The Akura Zombie Mask was handcrafted and molded from 8/9-ounce vegetable-tanned leather, with a softer, 5-ounce oiled black leather serving as the teeth backing for comfort and easier breathing. The buff layer of shredded skin draped across the skull is removable for those who don't want a buff layer of shredded skin draped across their skull, and the mask's strap is riveted securely with 5-ounce leather and a buckle, eliminating the tying/untying of knots, and worries about it falling off and revealing the truth about the Wizard.

Coyotes. His teeth used to be inside the mouths of coyotes. Word.

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