Floating Fireball Prop

By: on September 15, 2016
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If I don't have the cash or the fire safety clearance to get some real balls this Halloween, this faux Floating Fireball prop will be a pretty sweet alternative. Better, even, than the Pyro Mini in some ways, because it requires no skill or flair to pull off.

Like the best ties, this fireball is a clip-on. Its clear PETG plastic base latches across your palm, creating the dazzling optical illusion of a sphere of flames hovering in midair a couple inches above it. Prop and accessory designer Castro-Yves of Give Wave Studios handmakes the Floating Fireballs from bendy, pre-color-treated polycarbonate sheets in your choice of Red, Yellow, Orange, Teal, Clear, Green, or Ice Blue. A set of button cell battery-operated string lights bunched in the center of the fireballs make them an even more stunning nighttime or darkroom addition to your cosplay and Halloween pursuits.