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By: on July 24, 2014
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Welcome to my couch. It's a privilege to be your host for the evening. Please sign in here so I'll have a record of your attendance...other than the ass print you'll leave behind...in the coming years. Can I get you anything? Oh, I'm sorry, I thought I mentioned it was BYOB...and B some for me too. Burgers? Pizza? Uh...how about some...dill pickles? Yes, of course we can watch Season 1 of Dexter.

You brought it didn't you?

Guest Book: Couch is a Knock Knock production that requests your sofa invitees "sign in as they sink in." In addition to their name, date, and length of stay, Couch asks its visitors to help make memories by also recording who else was in attendance on the couch, the name of the candy which best describes those people, whether or not they searched between the cushions for change, and the activities performed during their stay. Additional Couch Thoughts are also encouraged. Come on, you gotta leave something behind for posterior-ity.

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Cloud Levitating Sofa

Though only a concept product--and one that debuted a few years ago--the Cloud Levitating Sofa remains maybe the coolest idea for and aesthetic execution of a couch ever. So I was thinking maybe one of you entrepreneurial...

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Chill Sack 8-Foot Bean Bag Chair

$380.18 from Amazon »

They call it the Chill Sack only to avoid the lawyers' C&D letter or profit-sharing demands from a major corporation. But you can go ahead and call this giant 8-foot bean bag chair built for two (or three!) like it is:...

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Boa Sofa

$38,855 - $62,164 from Switch Modern »

And you thought you'd never find the perfect gift for Medusa and Voldemort. The Boa Sofa was designed by brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, and I just wonder what this snaky, sultry joint venture says about their...

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Arcade Sofa

By: Harow »

1991 brought Street Fighter II. 2017 brings the Street Fighter II Arcade Sofa. Relive your 90s glory playing the game...and then maybe get a different type of game on...on it....

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Convertible Bean Bag Chair Bed

$425 from Amazon »

A full-size bed that pulls out of a bean bag chair: sweet. A full-size bed you have to stuff back inside a bean bag chair when you're done with it: hope you didn't have plans this weekend. I'd rather carry a couch 5 blocks...

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Hippopotamus Sofa

It's too late to say you want a hippopotamus for Christmas, but maybe if you're real good, kids, Mommy or Daddy (or Sugar Daddy, ladies) will get you a hippopotamus for Valentine's Day. This one you won't even have to...

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The CouchCoaster

$19.95 from CouchCoaster »

The CouchCoaster: Because you could throw your back out reaching all the way to the coffee table to get your beer....

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Backpack Sofa

$2,060 from Singulier »

Backpacking season is drawing to a close, but here's a ray of sunshine to keep you fueled through the harsh winter: Eastpak's Backpack Sofa, a rigid polyurethane foam and cordura concoction that promises to replicate...

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Merax Pu Leather Leisure Sofa

$129 from Amazon »

Merax calls their Pu Leather convertible seating a "leisure sofa" and, indeed, I can think of some leisurely things to do on it. The modern, floor-hugging design folds from coach to full-size bed, with 5 adjustable back...

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The Toad Sofa

You can kiss the Toad Sofa if you want, ladies, but remember: fairy tales and wishes always seem to have a catch. The prince might turn out to be this. Or, worse, this....

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Couch Arm Table

$135 from Uncommon Goods »

Need more than a CouchCoaster? Need an entire flat tract of space mounted to the arm of your sofa for keeping drink, snack, remote, and phone all within finger's grasp? The Couch Arm Table volunteers to relieve you of...

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LED Pen Light

$21.99 from Amazon »

My vision, like most of my anatomical parts, is perfect. 20/20 all day, every day. Show me your tiniest font, optometrists, and I'll kill it! But. I'm afraid I cannot see in the dark. Or in restaurants that want me to...