Transformers: The Covenant of Primus

By: on February 06, 2014
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Star Wars gets an entire series of transforming vaults revealing the histories and dogmas of its most famous characters, so it only makes sense that a legendary hero with an equally illustrious past--plus the actual ability to transform himself--should get a similar tome. The Covenant of Primus, a gift to humans from Alpha Trion, demystifies and details an Autobot and Decepticon backstory heretofore unknown. While not a full disclosure of the entire Transformers mythology, here at least one of the ancient Thirteen Primes is unveiled, pored through, turned over...and maybe even turned into your own alien humanoid father figure.

The Covenant of Primus chronicles the saga of Optimus Prime and Megatron--from their origins to the Golden Age of exploration to the great civil war--through previously unseen illustrations of battles, portraits of the Thirteen Primes, and scenes from the Transformers' world.

The Transformers annals arrive encased in an Autobot shield with a 3-part interlocking manual opening system accompanied by 3 Transformers audio effects.

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Optimus Prime Converting Power Bank

$49.99 from Hasbro »

Straight outta HasCon: The Transformers Optimus Prime Converting Power Bank! Hasbro revealed their geek's wet dream of a charger in July, but hauled it out in person Autobot for the first time at their HasCon convention...

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Steampunk Optimus Prime

$17k from Etsy »

My theory is that this might actually be Optimus Prime and this guy has captured him, found some way of disarming him, and is now trying to sell him. I don't know if I'd be comfortable sleeping with this guy roaming around...

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Crocheted Optimus Prime Helmet


My grandma used to crochet me things. Yeah, used to. Like she used to make me waffles from scratch. Then she got lazy and just hoped I wouldn't notice when she started replacing the once bountiful discs cratered with...

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Sushi Transformers

$10.99 - $79.99 from Big Bad Toy Store »

Behold the Sushi Squadron Shirada, an army of raw fish and rice bound by seaweed and mayonnaise. Or is it? An army, sure. But are those soldiers really seafood-based or are they...yes. That's what I thought. More than...

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Transformers Engagement Rings


Are you more of an Autobot or a Decepticon? No, wait, let's back up. Are you more of a normal person or a gigantic geek? If the second, then please proceed with answering the first question. And regardless of what that...

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Chameleon Lounger

$5,500 from Opulent Items »

Check out the Optimus Prime of seating designs. Though slightly less cool than the balls lounger, Francesca Donati's chameleon lounger still looks way more comfortable and relaxing than my hangover. Whoa, non sequitur....

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Optimus Prime Hoodie

$60 from 80stees.com »

They call the Optimus Prime Hoodie a costume, but come on. I would rock that shizit out any day of the year. Particularly days when I feel like spontaneously transforming into a brave and wise leader of robots (with accompanying...

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Ruckus Hoptimus Prime Beer

$6.49 - $87.99 from Half Time »

Ruckus Brewing's Hoptimus Prime enjoys a wicked twist of irony: instead of transforming those who drink it into sage and powerful leaders of an elite race of impenetrable robots, at 9.0% ABV the double IPA reduces them...

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Autobot Transformers Ukulele


We featured the pac-man ukulele earlier in the year to rave reviews. The same designer is now back with a new design. All instruments are custom made and can be turned into almost any shape or size to fit any occasion....