Tools of Titans

By: on December 06, 2016
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Despite having Time Ferriss' name attached to it, Tools of Titans does not try to teach you how to become a billionaire or major world player in 4 hours. (If you're not familiar, Ferriss wrote the bestselling The 4-hour Workweek, and then followed it up with a few more bestselling "4-hour" to solutions to life's most time-consuming treks towards contentment and success.) Instead, Ferriss hopes you'll use Titans like he does: as a "notebook of high-leverage tools" gleaned from 2 years' worth of Tim Ferriss Show podcast interviews. That's 200+, in-depth, 2- to 3-hour sit downs with the best of the best. Celebrities ranging from Jamie Foxx to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Athletes at their peak. Legendary Special Operations commanders. Black-market biochemists. Maverick and Goose.

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers is a collection of easily digested tips and distilled life lessons from people who have made the kinds of lives for themselves you might like to make for you and yours. It's divided into 3 sections, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise, with pertinent interviewees' advice on the topics given as bullet points, Q&A, or short narrative sections. Again, very easy to digest.

The tough part is the application. People like "the Michael Jordan of obstacle course racing," Amelia Boone, can tell you how they get mentally and physically stronger by training in the rain and cold to become more resilient and "rehearse for the worst-case scenario," but they can't give you the will and stamina to do it. The same goes for therapeutic fasting (for 3, 5, or 7 days!) and the ketogenic diet. Easy to get on board with the sentiments and theories, a little more difficult to put them into practice when you're living your life, and not Ferriss' and his world-class performer guests.

Still, I think Ferriss will consider his goal for Tools of Titans reached even if you close its cover with only a few tweaks and behaviors you can practically incorporate into your life. And maybe down the line, you'll find a few more within grasp. No one becomes a Titan overnight.

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Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle


Technically, Dodge debuted its Tomahawk, a motorcycle with 4 wheels, a Dodge Viper engine, and top speed capabilities of 420 mph, a decade ago at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Really though...

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Black Swan Superyacht

In a way it sucks that the Black Swan Superyacht is just a concept right now because that means its technologically-advanced, supremely-luxurious, ninja-shark-looking self doesn't really exist. But in way it's good too...

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Melody Key Private Island

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A private island a mile offshore in the Florida keys sporting recent multi-million dollar renovations, a main house with vaulted ceilings, pool, jacuzzi, solar inverter, on-demand muted generator, a desalination system...

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Executive Drop Mic

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Doooshhh! The sound of a mic drop. Or rather, the sound you make with your mouth when you mime a mic drop. Or maybe, the sound a mic makes when you do an actual mic drop, followed immediately by D'oh!, the sound you make...

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Presidential Knife Fight: The Game

Let me just address 2 points about Presidential Knife Fight: The Game up front. 1) It's a card game, not some Mortal Kombat-Pokemon Go hybrid that lets you find and collect past American Presidents to duke it out with...

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Everything Is Bullshit - Earth's Greatest Scams

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Everything Is Bullshit. Now that's a nonpartisan sentiment we can all get behind today! Priceonomics released this book, which it subtitles The Greatest Scams on Earth Revealed, in 2014, but amidst our current run of...

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They Live Alien Donald Trump Mask

Remember John Carpenter's They Live? If you weren't into aliens and kitschy (yet poignant!) social commentary in 1988, the film suggests that America's "rulers"--the rich, the powerful, the elite, the CEOs and politicians--are...

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The Mansion From Funny People

$75 million from Luxury Real Estate »

Maybe the most classically beautiful and inspired piece of real estate currently for sale in measurable spatial dimensions. An absolute knockout, and so innocent looking! Five shiny Sacajawea dollars say this PYT from...

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American President's Resolute Desk Replica

$7,995 from History Company »

Executives as distinguished and dominating in the business world as I am require a desk that mimics their persona. Grand and imposing, intricate and enamoring, a desk of presidential proportions. As in, one actually used...

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Patriots Being Badass Prints

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These patriots heard the battle cry of Team America, and hollered back an even louder Fuck Yeah! From Paul Revere's Midnight Ride on a Tron Light Cycle to Abe Lincoln wielding an M16 and giddy-upping on a grizzly bear...

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100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings

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On the one hand, Sarah Cooper's 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings seems like the perfect Secret Santa or White Elephant gift for this year's office holiday party. But on the other hand....psssshhh! I'm not giving...

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Liberty Clip Money Stash Keychain

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Once again, RattlerStrap has climbed out from the manufacturing masses, and developed a creative, distinguished contribution to the overpopulated world of survival gear (see paracord belt, fire-starting shoelaces). In...