Tools of Titans

Posted: December 06, 2016
Tools of Titans

Despite having Time Ferriss' name attached to it, Tools of Titans does not try to teach you how to become a billionaire or major world player in 4 hours. (If you're not familiar, Ferriss wrote the bestselling The 4-hour Workweek, and then followed it up with a few more bestselling "4-hour" to solutions to life's most time-consuming treks towards contentment and success.) Instead, Ferriss hopes you'll use Titans like he does: as a "notebook of high-leverage tools" gleaned from 2 years' worth of Tim Ferriss Show podcast interviews. That's 200+, in-depth, 2- to 3-hour sit downs with the best of the best. Celebrities ranging from Jamie Foxx to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Athletes at their peak. Legendary Special Operations commanders. Black-market biochemists. Maverick and Goose.

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers is a collection of easily digested tips and distilled life lessons from people who have made the kinds of lives for themselves you might like to make for you and yours. It's divided into 3 sections, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise, with pertinent interviewees' advice on the topics given as bullet points, Q&A, or short narrative sections. Again, very easy to digest.

The tough part is the application. People like "the Michael Jordan of obstacle course racing," Amelia Boone, can tell you how they get mentally and physically stronger by training in the rain and cold to become more resilient and "rehearse for the worst-case scenario," but they can't give you the will and stamina to do it. The same goes for therapeutic fasting (for 3, 5, or 7 days!) and the ketogenic diet. Easy to get on board with the sentiments and theories, a little more difficult to put them into practice when you're living your life, and not Ferriss' and his world-class performer guests.

Still, I think Ferriss will consider his goal for Tools of Titans reached even if you close its cover with only a few tweaks and behaviors you can practically incorporate into your life. And maybe down the line, you'll find a few more within grasp. No one becomes a Titan overnight.

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