The Zombie Shooting Guide

By: on November 21, 2013
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If we were to step into reality for a brief moment, I guess we would concur that the opportunity to apply combat marksmanship and self-defense training to an encounter with an actual zombie is probably never going to arise. Like, there's a 20% chance of it happening.

OK, 45%.

Still, Mark Greenman's The Zombie Shooting Guide: Survival Training for the Worst-Case Scenario is not a parody on the topic, and it's not a tongue-in-cheek romp of quixotic and highly unrealistic guidance for potential zombie run-ins and hunting exploits. The manual is grounded in real marksman disciplines and strategy, and it passes these fundamentals on to readers in 6+ chapters of step-by-step guides and practice drills.

For example, check out the action photo, part of a Fast Zombie Drill sequence, in the series above. In it, Greenman stands with his training partner, a zombie armed with a 3 million volt stun gun. The accompanying video shows that, at his leisure, the zombie is instructed to charge Greenman and try to bit/taze him. Greenman, in turn, must attempt to draw a concealed firearm and make either a head or a spine shot to avoid electrical current intake. He fares pretty well in the video, but notes, "I got tazed a bunch of times writing this book."

Using photos, diagrams, and myriad modern day training techniques, The Zombie Shooting Guide will teach the dedicated and astute how to:

  • Select the proper weapons for zombie combat.
  • Outperform the law enforcement 1:3 hit ratio.
  • Shoot accurately while moving.
  • Make head shots on fast zombies.
  • Harden yourself to the stress of a zombie attack.

Mark Greenman is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. And also a zombie nerd. And possibly permanently ionized from all those tazings. He published The Zombie Shooting Guide after reaching his crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter in November 2012.

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