The Scale of Things

Posted: June 22, 2018
The Scale of Things
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In The Scale of Things: Mind-blowing Proportions, Remarkable Ratios and Extraordinary Facts, David Tanguy and Mike Fairbrass attempt to turn sizes most of us can't comprehend into analogies most of us can. Their purpose: to give us a true sense of the scale of things.

For example, one mind-blowing proportion The Scale of Things discusses is the relationship between Earth and the Sun. Say the Sun is the size of a grapefruit. Earth, then would be the size of a grain of sand. And the distance between the two would be my penis.

Oh fine. A London bus.

Using the human scale as a point of reference, Tanguy and Fairbrass explore facts, figures, and comparisons of popular science, space, economics, politics, geography, nature, technology, and architecture in easily understood terms. And, better, infographics.

On its back cover, The Scale of Things leaves readers with this point to ponder: "As data itself does have slight mass the entire internet weighs about the same as an egg."

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