The Princess Diarist

Posted: December 28, 2016
The Princess Diarist

Buns off to the late Carrie Fisher, who could have settled for the acclaim, money, and minion loyalty her star-making role as Princess Leia earned her almost 40 years ago, but instead chose to distinguish herself further as a script writer and stage actor, producer, book author, and humorist. At least 3 of Fisher's life roles come together in The Princess Diarist, a November 2016 release in which Fisher shares her memories of what happened behind the scenes and during filming of the original Star Wars.

Real journals Fisher kept during the filming of Star Wars serve as the basis for, and explain the title of, The Princess Diarist. In addition to sharing her handwritten circa 1977 love poems, naive musings, and pinings away for Harrison Ford, Fisher cracks jokes at them and tries to figure out what the Wookiee she was thinking as a teenager in Hollywood.

In perhaps her last gift to the world of Star Wars, Carrie Fisher gives us more than just a flashback. The Princess Diarist was always intended to be a real, true piece of nostalgia for series fans. Fisher's unexpected death on December 27, 2016 now makes the book a real, true, and bittersweet piece of nostalgia for those of us who loved and admired the woman who wrote it too.

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