The Movie Kama Sutra

Posted: May 05, 2019
The Movie Kama Sutra
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The Movie Kama Sutra proffers a collection of creative (i.e., mostly impossible) sex positions "inspired by the most erotic moments in cinema history." Just when you thought they were running out of ideas for books, weird and random strike again.

Sexy strikes too. There's the come-from-behind "Potter's Wheel" from Ghost, and the girl-on-girl, splits-in-the-air charmer called "Kick It" from Charlie's Angels. Then again, there's also "Bullet Time" from The Matrix. Sorry, Keanu, we don't always get to choose how we're immortalized in this world.

Between - and on top of, behind, and from the side of - the pages of The Movie Kama Sutra you'll find 69 cinematic sex positions. Of course.

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