The LEGO Ideas Book

Posted: January 15, 2014
The LEGO Ideas Book
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Ideas? I have lots of them. At least 7 million. Like, how about a southern soul food sushi roll? Fill a steamed collard green leaf with mashed yams, tempura chicken, and some cranberry sauce. Then roll it, slice it, and serve it with a set of chopsticks and a dish of gravy for dipping. What? Ideas for things to build with my LEGOs? Oh. I have 0 of those. Well, 0 of my own, but 200 pages' worth of Daniel Lipkowitz's and other LEGO fans' in this LEGO Ideas Book.

Divided into 6 themed chapters, The LEGO Ideas Book helps LEGO hobbyists ages 7 and up use bricks they already own to construct models they've never dreamed of. Or at least that they couldn't bring to fruition on their own. Idea categories include transportation, buildings, space, kingdoms, adventure, and useful makes. Each includes basic templates with plenty of room for tweaks, expansion, and every ounce of creativity the manipulating fingers can muster.

Master LEGO builders also provide tips for taking skills to the next echelon, and adding embellishments to existing structures. In all, the hardcover, full-color LEGO Ideas Book enriches imaginations with over 500 possibilities for LEGO excellence.

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