The Lambshank Redemption Cookbook

Posted: November 12, 2017
The Lambshank Redemption Cookbook
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Mmmm, I could sure go for some lamb shank tonight. According to She-Ra: Princess of Power, a little redemption wouldn't hurt me either. Fitting, then, that in my search for dinner and ways to un-piss off my fiancee I stumbled across The Lambshank Redemption Cookbook. New this year from Lachlan Hayman, the tongue-in-(beef)-cheek recipe collection pays tribute to 50 blockbuster movies.

Author Lachlan Hayman hopes his selected big hits from the big screen will make for equally big hits on the plate, with "culinary sequels" including The Silence of the Clams, Frying Nemo, Peel Harbor, The Hummus Crown Affair, Pinenuts of the Caribbean, Cook-a-Dahl Dundee, and The Gnocchi Horror Show.

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