The I'm-So-Hungover Cookbook

Posted: October 30, 2019
The I'm-So-Hungover Cookbook
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What's inside The I'm-So-Hungover Cookbook? Carbs. Author Jack Campbell believes the only cure for a night of a couple beers leading to a few more bad decisions leading to an alarming blood alcohol content is hundreds and hundreds of carbs. Which, sure, you could just have delivered via a few taps of an app. But when you're feeling a tag team of aching and shooting pains all over, and like any number of fluids could burst from any number of your orifices at any given moment, why bother with delivery? Doesn't it sound way more fun to head the kitchen, bust out an ingredient list and series of instructions, and get cookin'?

Yep, that's a big Nope! from me too.

So maybe The I'm-So-Hungover Cookbook is more for those of you with a responsible and kind wife or mama at home. Someone who didn't lose the capacity to feel their face last night, and who still has the hand-eye coordination and mental stamina to whip up some Cheese Puff Diddys and Dank Breakfast Burritos this morning.

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