The Dude Diet

Posted: September 19, 2018
The Dude Diet
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Between football season, Halloween, and then the start of the real feasting season, I'm not sure my Dude Diet is going to consist of anything healthier than light beer through the end of 108. However, The Dude Diet: Clean(ish) Food for People Who Like to Eat Dirty does take into account that most of their target audience considers fried chicken fingers doused in buffalo wing sauce healthy if they're laid out over a salad. (With bacon crumbles and blue cheese dressing, please.) So when Dude Diet calls a diet a Dude Diet, they know not to mess around with recipes for seitan and millet bowls.

Chef and Domesticate-Me.com food blogger Serena Wolf filled Dude Diet with 125 recipes she calls "deceptively healthy." Some of them are brand new nutrient-rich dishes that just look like a pile of man food worthy of a man-food-craving mouth, while others are familiar classics that cut calories with reduced quantities and healthier substitutions. Chicken schawarma, nachos, and Taco Bell beef tacos, for example.

The Dude Diet also has some narrative chapters outlining nutrition basics, tips for making healthier decisions, and should-be pantry staples. Wolf spent two years creating and testing the recipes for The Dude Diet, and even more years before that living with a junk-food-lovin', refined-sugar-muchin' boyfriend who served as the inspiration for writing a blog, and then a book on men's dietary health.

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