The Best Wrong Test Answers Book

By: on January 18, 2012
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The lowest frequency noise a human ear can detect: a mouse. The highest: Mariah Carey. At least according to one points-for-creativity-deserving test taker included in F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers. The 250 entries in this authentic compilation are as relatable as they are hilarious--come on, we've all stared at tests feeling like the entire semester's course content had just been dry-erased from our minds. Or stared at tests completely unprepared, completely hungover, or completely not giving a shit. Rather than leaving the pages blank, and sitting idly for an hour, these kids demonstrated their gifts for interpretive thought and, in one case, banana car art. Not to mention provided a service to author Richard Benson, who has probably made a nice chunk of change off their shortcomings. Such a thin line between idiot and genius.

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Remarkable Books - Beautiful & Historic Works

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In addition to stirring artwork and hand-scribed text, Remarkable Books: The World's Most Beautiful and Historic Works also has Gift for Dad written all over the pages it has extracted from the tomes of history. A permanent...

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Interactive Walking & Talking Einstein Robot

$199 from Amazon »

Hi! My name is (what?) My name is (who?) My name is...Al Einstein. Hey kids, it's the Slim Shady of your grandparents' generation. The amazing, groundbreaking genius Professor Einstein. He forever changed the world of...

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Chill Sack 8-Foot Bean Bag Chair

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They call it the Chill Sack only to avoid the lawyers' C&D letter or profit-sharing demands from a major corporation. But you can go ahead and call this giant 8-foot bean bag chair built for two (or three!) like it is:...

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Do Your Park Magnets

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We've seen the mostly innocuous You Suck at Parking business cards. And also the more permanent, and thereby more controversial, I Park Like an Idiot bumper stickers. Here we have a midpoint between the two: a-hole parking...

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I Park Like an Idiot Stickers

Sold Out from threadless »

I Park Like an Idiot stickers have two outstanding selling points. 1) Applying one to the bumper or window of a deserving vehicle will give its user an instant boost, likely eliminating the crankiness and ill-will evoked...

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People I Want to Punch in the Face

$9.99 from Etsy »

A comprehensive collection of people you want to punch in the face. This is the little black book anyone can fill. In fact, it would probably be a good idea to order a few Rude Books, 'cause you know you're gonna want...

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The Golden Douchebag Trophy

$7.99 from Perpetual Kid »

You want tidings of comfort and joy? Well here you go: Merry Christmas, you old Golden Douchebag, you....

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Stoner Coffee Table Book

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Steve Mockus presents: the Stoner Coffee Table Book. For that special kind of stoner who enjoys smoking out solo, and needs an activity more interactive than staring off into space, but less mentally taxing than playing...

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Instant Home Marijuana Test Kit

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My company doesn't do drug testing because it recognizes that recreational weed use has far less of an impact on an employee's ability to perform well at work than, say, the office kegerator that gets tapped every Friday....

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Girlfriend Written Performance Evaluation

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Matthew Bowers' Girlfriend Written Performance Evaluation caters to all boyfriends. Meaning both the nice ones and the honest ones. The nice ones can blanket graded areas ranging from Cooking to Money & Finances to Gaming...

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Octopus Shower Caddy

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The Octopus Shower Caddy is for all of us and for everywhere. Kids and adults, dorms and McMansion master baths, those whose homes are already filled with cephalopods, and those still bereft of a single one. Look at this...

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Barn Owl Pellets

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Barn owl pellets are the results of barn owls wolfing down their food without chewing it enough. Just like I do. But unlike me, the owls do not have cast iron stomachs that can digest the fur and bones of the little rodents...