The Art of Witty Banter

By: on April 29, 2017
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The first thing that comes to mind when I think "witty banter" is the easy exchange of short observations and comments. So it's odd that The Art of Witty Banter: Be Clever, Be Quick, Be Interesting - Create Captivating Conversation almost lost me before I got through its l o n g a s s title. A colon, commas, and a hyphen? That's more James Joyce than Jerry Seinfeld from a book that claims it's going to "make you witty comeback machine, the likes of which your friends have never seen."

In The Art of Witty Banter Social Interaction Specialist James King endeavors to teach the socially insecure, or any of you who just want to up your convo game, to think on your feet, to be smooth, funny, and clever in the moment. To slash through awkward silences. In addition to parties, dinners, and coffee shop run-ins with that guy you met that one time, or that girl you maybe went on an OK Cupid date with a few years ago, King says being able to bang out the banter will help you network, rise in the office ranks, and slay interviews by developing an instant rapport with whomever you're talking to.

In The Art of Witty Banter King outlines 18 specific areas where you can up your charisma quotient, including:

  • Why the questions you use make people freeze.
  • How to master teasing, witty comebacks, and initiating jokes and humor.
  • What free association is and how it makes you quick-witted.
  • How to create an instant "in-group" and inside joke with someone.
  • The reactions and exact phrases to make yourself be heard.
  • The best types of compliments to give and what you're doing wrong.
  • What a fallback story is and how it can save you.
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