Suicide Squad: Behind the Scenes

Posted: August 01, 2016
Suicide Squad: Behind the Scenes
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Wait, there's a movie about DC Comics villains coming out?! With Harley Quinn and The Joker?! I hadn't heard. They must not be promoting it very hard.

Suicide Squad: Behind the Scenes with the Worst Heroes Ever is an officially authorized companion to the film. It contains full-color photos of the cast and crew, plus behind-the-scenes stories and images, and removable keepsakes. It would be really cool if you could buy the book on Amazon Prime and get it delivered before the movie releases on August 4, but Warner Bros. has decided that would be cheating, so you can't go behind the scenes until August 9.

Interactive and removable Suicide Squad book items include a blueprint of Belle Reve prison, replicas of letters from Deadshotís daughter to her father, a Joker playing card and Joker temporary tattoos, a poster of the Suicide Squad, 6 postcards, and a 16-page dossier.

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