Stoner Coffee Table Book

Posted: June 26, 2017
Stoner Coffee Table Book
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Steve Mockus presents: the Stoner Coffee Table Book. For that special kind of stoner who enjoys smoking out solo, and needs an activity more interactive than staring off into space, but less mentally taxing than playing video games or following a storyline on South Park, when he's high.

The Stoner Coffee Table Book doesn't just provide a happy medium between Not Enough Stimulation and Too Bright! Too Loud! Too Much! for those in a deep state of cannabis reflection and calm, it makes the high life really, really...really interesting. For hours. Maybe days if you ate something. Through bright colors, intricate scenes, and super duper weird Photoshops, the Stoner Coffee Table Book fills your time between puffs with a crazy gallery of trippy and mind-bending images.

And even when you're not high the Stoner Coffee Table Book, with its strange, and strangely precious kitten 'n' cupcake cover, can impress and delight as a living room centerpiece, or gift for the mancave.

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