Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

Posted: April 27, 2015
Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things
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Sneaky and shady basically mean the same thing, but for some reason sneakiness manages to carry an air of charm, whereas shadiness makes everyone want to steer clear of the jackhole who will short you on his portion of the bill and try to fondle your wife. I bring this up to clarify that when Cy Tymony calls his book Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, he means "sneaky" in the most charming, harmless sense of the word. His collection of 80 tips, tricks, and solutions to common problems will teach you how to do things like identify a fake $20 bill, generate battery power with household items, and create your own home security system.

Not make a reverse peephole viewer, pick a lock with a drinking straw, or swindle money via an elaborate crowdfunding campaign for a nonexistent product using impossible technology (though there are plenty of shady dudes out there who could write that book).

Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things seeks to turn ordinary objects extraordinary, and impart its readers with the simple skills needed to do so. Tymony includes how-tos for survival, security, self-defense, and a few novelty items. Some examples:

  • Transform an FM radio into a device that enables you to eavesdrop on tower-to-air conversations.
  • Create your own personalized electronic greeting cards.
  • Make a compact fire extinguisher from items typically found in a kitchen pantry.
  • Thwart intruders with a single rubber band.
Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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