Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds, 1953-2016

By: on August 02, 2017
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Did you know Marilyn Monroe was the first ever Playboy centerfold? It happened in 1953, and launched what would become Hugh Hefner's iconic Playmate of the Month title and spread. And I didn't know of this before. Clearly, I need to set aside a weekend to delve into the Playboy archives.

Or take a shortcut and grab a copy of Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds, 1953-2016 when it starts shipping next month (at printing, the book was available for pre-order).

Playboy originally published a Complete Centerfolds hardcover in 2007, but this latest edition has been updated to add the last 10 years of voluptuous playmates, plus, er, flesh out their photographs with new narratives and a redesigned package. I guess when Hef's son decided to bring the nudie sexy back to current issues of the magazine, he figured this centerfolds collection would be good way to remind dudes what's always made Playboy so great.

The articles.

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Little Book of Butts (NSFW)

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We have big books of breasts...in 3D. On top of coloring books of vaginas. Smashed next to coloring books of multiple anatomical parts interlocking with other anatomical parts

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The New Erotic Photography (NSFW)

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If they consider "new erotic photography" to mean putting baby bottle nipples on a lady's nipples, then I'm...I'm...I'm OK with that. I mean, it seems a little redundant, and maybe wouldn't have been the first path I...

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Images You Should Not Masturbate To

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If you're wondering if its title is true, feed your curiosities with the photo of the dog that looks like George Costanza's mom in this book of Images You Should Not Masturbate To. And I thought the salt shaker was bad....

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Natural Wonders of the World

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And I think to myself, what a wonder-ful world. At least for now. While we still have the wonders, and while they're still wonderful. Natural Wonders of the World is a new photography collection of jaw-dropping scenery...

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Beastgrip Smartphone Camera Rig

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If the grip is as beastly as the look of this smartphone camera rig, I think we've got a chicken dinner on the table tonight. The Beastgrip Pro is a universal lens adapter and rig system for your phone intended to give...

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Fresh Whole Rabbit

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Nom, nom, nom. It's Hasenpfeffer meets the next-generation three wolf moon shirt. Your days of gnawing on leathery old rabbit parts that taste like a combination of barnyard and the positive ends of AA batteries are over....

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Roustan Body Paint Photo Book (NSFW)

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I can't do what body paint artist Paul Roustan does. And while I definitely have the body to serve as one of his subjects, my mama always tells me that modesty is a virtue, and also that she'll be forever grateful that...

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Phantom Quadcopter with GoPro Mount

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So I guess laborers can take a modicum of comfort in knowing that white collar jobs are beginning to get outsourced to robots as well. Unmanned aerial systems pioneer DJI Innovations fabricates a host of flightful fancies...

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Pixelstick Light Painting System

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Sometimes it's humbling when you enter into the domain of professionals and hobbyists who do things that both blow your mind and make you feel like a complete jackass for your inability to understand how they accomplish...

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Lytro Immerge - Light Field VR Camera

By: Lytro »

Lytro Immerge brings the Light Field to cinematic virtual reality. Though intended more for professionals than YouTube hobbyists, the forthcoming spaceship of a camera says it can create "lifelike presence" in live action...

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Happy to See You Naked Card

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Ladies, the answer to your age-old question, "What are you thinking about?" has materialized in greeting card format. 78% of the time you query your man about his internal musings, this is the perpetual, 14-word loop...

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Naked Lady Golf Tees

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If you haven't already injected your Summer 2016 with some 1980s-era hilarity courtesy of the Butt Buoys or Floaty Pants, I have good nudes....