National Geographic The Photo Ark

By: on August 01, 2017
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Joel Sartore's photographic art encompasses the beauty, splendor, humor, and sadness of the animal kingdom in The Photo Ark: One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals. Published by National Geographic, the book contains some of the 6,000+ stunning photographs Sartore has taken at zoos and wildlife rescue centers worldwide. They're all part of his ultimate goal to capture studio portraits of 12,000 species.

The beauty, splendor, and humor in Sartore's photographs are obvious. They radiate from the Florida panther's eyes, the West Usambara two-horned chameleon's gaping mouth, and the Brazilian porcupine's Gotta pee! Gotta pee! pose, and are accentuated even further by Sartore's choice to capture them in front of black or white backdrops. The sadness comes from knowing most of the of the subjects in The Photo Ark are endangered, or close to it.

Sartore hopes his photographs will strike and stir you. For The Photo Ark, National Geographic combines them with narrative from wildlife writer Douglas Chadwick, plus a foreword from Harrison Ford, in a bid for understanding of and compassion for the wildlife we have left.

Sartore also sells various sized unframed and framed prints of his Photo Ark photographs here.

Muchas danke to Donn C. for the Dude Product Tip.

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Taxidermy Animal Drones

When I first read about, but hadn't yet seen, Copter Company's taxidermy animal drones I though they just sounded kinda goofy. Then I got a look at the Orvillecopter here. A spread-eagle taxidermied quad-cat-ter flying...

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Anatomical Gummi Bears

$39.99 from ThinkGeek »

This anatomical view of what lies beyond the high fructose corn syrup and Yellow Dye No. 5 of their epidermises paints Gummi Bears in a new light. Gives them some identity. Some humanity. Makes me feel kind of bad for...

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DIY Cardboard Masks

$7.41 from Etsy »

If you've left costume planning for your Halloween, or Eyes Wide Shut, party to the 11th hour, Steve Wintercroft may have a downloadable solution for you. I say "may" because his nifty animal, skull, and humanoid masks...

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Paper Animal Head Trophy Kits

$10 - $75 from Resident »

Rather than designer animal kills from sub-Saharan Africa, Tristan Sopp is into killer animal designs from his own head. The 10 exotic head trophies Sopp has conceived and developed for his Resident Design Co. shop are...

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Animal Hoodies

$9.82 - $23.95 from Amazon »

Ladies, if Griz Coats are too big, too masculine, or too covering of the neck down for you (read: for me), how about one of these minxy little animal hoodies? Most of them even extend along the shoulders into a cozy pair...

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Crap Taxidermy - Stuffing Gone Wrong

$8.34 from Amazon »

Kat Su has poured the best (and by that I mean strangest and most perverse) of her Tumblr crappytaxidermy.com into a coffee table book sure to make your coffee table the least popular gathering place in town. Crap Taxidermy...

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Demon Hooves Heel Less Boots

Sold Out from Etsy »

I guess I can kind of see now why some people are turned on by goats. Oonacat's Demon Hooves, a pair of spiked, knee-high boots with cloven foot pads in place of typical toes and heels are pretty sick. I mean in the good...

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The Animal Chair Collection

The Animal Chair collection constitutes a diverse range of species, from mammals to reptiles, and even including insects. Each creation retains the animal's natural vitality whilst being totally biological accurate in...

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Life-Size Blue Whale Kite

$3,500 from Peter Lynn Kites »

I see your flying squirrel, Flying Dutchman, and flying f@*k, and raise you a flying blue whale! No, make that a life-size flying blue whale. Wind master Peter Lynn's superbly massive kite measures in at over 60 feet...

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Hippopotamus Sofa

It's too late to say you want a hippopotamus for Christmas, but maybe if you're real good, kids, Mommy or Daddy (or Sugar Daddy, ladies) will get you a hippopotamus for Valentine's Day. This one you won't even have to...

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Your Inner Wolf Chair

$2,565 from Duffy London »

Everyone has a wolf within. Even if it's a low-rung Beta that consists predominantly of envying the musculature of Alcide Herveaux and Tyler Lockwood, or succumbing to guilty pleasures, such as MTV's Teen Wolf, and Amazon's...

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Party Animals Bottle Pourers

$8 from SUCK UK »

I eat grapes from the hands of cherubs and drink wine from the mouths of rhinos. Here's your chance to do the same. Or if stags and cows are more your thing, Suck UK's line of bottle pourers for booze and oils & vinegars...