How to Swear Around the World

Posted: August 19, 2012
How to Swear Around the World
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Swearing in another language. It's the only thing we really cared to learn during the mandatory years of high school French. Actually, my earliest memories of foreign curse words came much earlier, in 2nd grade, when the term "puta" began circulating. I have a good saucing of Spanish in my heritage, so I thought my mom might be able to tell me what this fun word we were all calling each other meant. I believe her response was something along the lines of, "Where did you learn that?! None of your business!" Later, while eavesdropping on her talking to my dad, I heard her tell him it is a particularly derogatory way to say "whore". Which was very disappointing, because I didn't know what that word meant either.

These days, however, 8-year-olds--and the rest of us--are in luck. Thanks to How to Swear Around the World, we can all bestow one another with titles of dirty whore and no good SOB in myriad languages without the assistance of native speakers, piles of translation dictionaries, or our moms. The explicit phrasebook harbors throngs of crudities, everyday blasphemes, and beatific means of suggesting the minivan doing 50 in the left lane go Make F'ing Itself, Not War in dozens of different languages. Complete with phonetic pronunciations and nifty categories, such as "Swearing in the Face of Life's Daily Disasters" and how to say "Fuck your mother!" in 25 different tongues, from Czech to Tagalog. In its 128 pages, How to Swear Around the World leaves no horse unridden. And, yes, that includes every culture's favorite way to describe riding a horse. You know, as in riding a horse. Or a bear. Or a person's grandmother.

Ooh, I see there are also illustrations.

Muchas danke to HiConsumption.

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