Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too

Posted: January 30, 2014
Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too
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I kept searching for more at the end of the Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too book title. Some ellipses leading into a second line of ...if They Want to Die Alone on the Couch with the A-holes, Who Will Then Eat Their Owners' Raw Dead Bodies to Support Their Own Survival and Contentment Since That's the Only Thing They Care About Anyway. But it didn't go on to say that, or anything besides Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too, so I guess Michael Showalter's 175-page literary release really is a guide to man-cat bonding.

Reviews note that while Showalter, a comedian, is funny in his delivery of cat facts, behavioral explorations, and tips for rearing one without losing an eye, Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too serves as more than a gag gift. It also contains useful information about feline dispositions and requirements for harmonious co-habitation that inevitably become pertinent when a man meets a woman he thinks is perfect in every way until he finds out she has 3 cats.

Questions Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too answers include: Why are they all aloof and weird and stuff? [Because they're sanctimonious bastards.]; They hate me, right? [Yep.]; and Is it true that they have nine lives? [I'm not sure, but there's only one way to find out....]

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