Guy Code: Unleash Your Manhood

Posted: June 26, 2013
Guy Code: Unleash Your Manhood
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Noah Levenson took 15 principles from MTV2's Guy Code and funneled them into his daily life in an attempt to realize his full potential as a man. The result? He has overtaken the body of Chuck Norris. Guy Code: Unleash Your Manhood will teach you how to be the "happiest, wealthiest, most wildly successful, most desired-by-women" person you know. Starting with Chapter 1: Manscaping.

Over the next 180 pages, Guy Code uses quizzes, diagrams, photos, and plain old step-by-step directive narrative to expound upon bathroom etiquette, fighting, sexting, all areas of life crucial to your becoming a revered, chest-beating...yet sensitive...Supermale. So like I said, Chuck Norris.

Guy Code is currently available only in digital, eReader formats.

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