Guerilla Furniture Design

Posted: July 09, 2015
Guerilla Furniture Design
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Guerilla Furniture Design author Will Holman believes you should never design anything you can't actually make (attn: Triton human gills, Zero Helicopter, 60% of all crowdfunding projects). The problem with that ethos is twofold: 1) Most of us are not born makers; and 2) Most of us do not have the access to of funds to procure fine building materials that we will probably just eff up anyway due to reason 1. But there lies the essence of Holman's book. Guerilla Furniture Design: How to Build Lean, Modern Furniture with Salvaged Materials is a DIY guide for creating simple and inexpensive, but living-room-worthy projects from upcycled components. Yes, that's right. I smell a round of dumpster diving in my future too.

As indicated by the 2-by dining table and license plate fruit bowl in the photos, Guerilla Furniture Design recruits the likes of scrap cardboard, metal, plastic, and wood to create its collection of 35 environmentally responsible and pretty damn fine looking pieces of home decor. Most of Holman's how-tos are easily portable and take no more than a weekend to build. Low-budget, stylish inclusions range from tables and shelving units to chairs and lamps.

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