Fight Club 2 Comic Series

Posted: February 25, 2015
Fight Club 2 Comic Series

It's all part of The Game. Wait, no, that's not it. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was... Nope, not that one either (but check out the latest homage to Keyser Soze here). The first rule of Fight Club is...yeah, that's right...you do not talk about Fight Club.

We make an exception to Rule #1 now though because, nearly 15 years after Chuck Palahniuk released his original cult classic, the author is getting ready to debut its sequel. Even better (some may say), Fight Club 2 will be a series. And it will have pictures. In collaboration with Cameron Stewart, Dave Stewart, and David Mack the fists, cuts, blood, brotherhood, drugs, delirium, and soap made of human body fat will come alive again in the pages of a 10-part comic book.

Fight Club 2's premise: Tyler Durden, 10 years post-Project Mayhem, lives a stable life with his wife, his kid, and his pills. Unfortunately, he married Marla. And she's seeing to it that Rize or Die is in his future.

At printing Fight Club 2, Issue #1 was available for pre-order, with an anticipated publication date of May 27, 2015.

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