Everything Is Bullshit - Earth's Greatest Scams

By: on April 27, 2017
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Everything Is Bullshit. Now that's a nonpartisan sentiment we can all get behind today! Priceonomics released this book, which it subtitles The Greatest Scams on Earth Revealed, in 2014, but amidst our current run of fake news, it may catch the public interest even more in 2017. Everything Is Bullshit examines how some of the traditions we love and social "rules" we follow, or at least accept, are based on nothing more than "historical accident, the profit motives of a few companies, or the agenda of someone who died long ago."

Priceonomics, a B2B data services company that also writes about data, business, and economics, delves into topics such as:

  • Why do we exchange diamond engagement rings? [Fingers crossed it's a really dumb, awful reason I can show to my girlfriend!]
  • Why is wine so expensive? [Ditto.]
  • How does art become "art"?
  • Why does college cost so much?
  • Why is the world the way it is?

Reviews of Everything Is Bullshit are pretty mixed. Not surprisingly, those who didn't like the book call its organization, creativity, research, and statistics...bullshit.

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Random Illustrated Facts

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Random Illustrated Facts isn't just a book of trivia. Mike Lowery's Collection of Curious, Weird, and Totally Not Boring Things to Know is a book of trivia with pictures! Four gatefolds and hundreds of infographics' worth!...

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Shower Beer

By: Snask »

Shower Beer sounds like a bottle of ale-scented novelty soap. Which would be cool. But what Shower Beer really is is even better: a 6-ounce bottle of actual pale ale conceived and packaged to be downed in 3 perfect gulps...

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The Voynich Manuscript

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Maybe the only thing stranger than the Codex Seriphinianus is the codex that inspired the Codex Seriphinianus: The "Voynich Manuscript." Still a mystery 600 years after an unknown author penned it, the original codex...

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Presidential Knife Fight: The Game

Let me just address 2 points about Presidential Knife Fight: The Game up front. 1) It's a card game, not some Mortal Kombat-Pokemon Go hybrid that lets you find and collect past American Presidents to duke it out with...

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What If? - Real Answers to Absurd Hypotheticals

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In his What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions author Randall Munroe goes beyond standard ricoculous queries, like What if I was in a free falling elevator but jumped in the air at the exact...

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Spy Tec Real Time GPS Tracker

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No good can come of consumers using 100% accurate real-time GPS tracking...except monthly subscription rates as low as $25 with no contract or activation fees! "Yahtzee!" says my Aunt Jan. Oh cousin Ricky, you poor bastard....

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The Time Traveler's Handbook

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No, The Time Traveler's Handbook isn't a next generation Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Think less science fiction and more nonfiction. Major events in world history, to be exact. Wait, don't click away yet! I'm pretty...

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Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War

$7.06 from Amazon »

Mary Roach, who the Washington Post calls "America's funniest science writer" has written a series of curious books. Literally. Maybe you remember Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex? Or <a rel="nofollow"...

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The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

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People who cannot read Japanese rejoice. Dark Horse Books and Nintendo have published an English version of The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, which is now available for pre-order. The Triforce unites and soars to...

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USB Metal Business Cards

Here's another idea that could have been mine if I had better ideas: laser-engraved business cards with USB drives. For storing resumes and cover letters. Portfolios of design work, writing, and music. Company sales pitches...

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When Hitler Took Cocaine and Lenin Lost His Brain

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Trivia lovers, obscure factoid spouters, and little-known-storytellers gather round. Giles Milton's When Hitler Took Cocaine and Lenin Lost His Brain: History's Unknown Chapters has a gold nugget or two to add to your...

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Tools of Titans

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Despite having Time Ferriss' name attached to it, Tools of Titans does not try to teach you how to become a billionaire or major world player in 4 hours. (If you're not familiar, Ferriss wrote the bestselling The 4-hour...