Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book

By: on April 17, 2015
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Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book is kind of like The Legend of Zelda in that you collect trinkets and clues along the way to help you reach the castle and discover the secret it holds at the end of your journey. And it's kind of like Alice in Wonderland in that whomever made the book was obviously on acid, or at least a potent supply of edibles, during its creation.

Enchanted Forest is for both skilled colorers and skilled thinkers (and good luck being either of those if you're high too). Illustrated by Johanna Basford, the coloring portion of the book consists of elaborate inkings guiding nimble hands through a lush forest and its critters, while the quest portion includes hidden objects each crayon wielder must find and mentally collect to solve the puzzle the castle holds. Hidden objects range from wild flowers and birds to keys and treasure chests, to 8 symbols that ultimately contribute to the puzzle's solution, hidden within a pull-out poster at the end of the book.

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The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas (NSFW)

$11.95 from Amazon »

Is further product description really needed? First there was Georgia O'Keefe, now there is author and illustrator Morgan Hastings. Black-and-white outlines of anatomical wonders beg for your acrylic and Crayola technicolor...

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Color My Boobs Adult Coloring Book

$9.99 from Amazon »

Ugh, I am so sick of writing about boobs. Haha...sike! Particularly when the boobs come in so many exhilarating shapes and sizes and practically beg to be caressed. OK, so they're made of ink and paper, and technically...

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The Fetish Coloring Book (NSFW)

$9.95 from Amazon »

That's a nice strap-on you've got there, ma'am, but I think it could use a little more color....

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The Big Coloring Book of Sex Positions

$11.95 from Amazon »

According to The Big Coloring Book of Sex Positions, "Sex curls our toes, sparks our imagination, delightfully stimulates a multitude of sensations, makes us have funny faces, makes us docile and makes us crazy." Apparently...

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Personalized Custom Coloring Books

$32.50 - $145.99 from Colored Moments »

If you're crafty, you can probably make a personalized custom coloring book of your wedding, your trip to Italy, or your best Instagrammed food photos all by yourself with a few flicks of some Photoshop filters and some...

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Living Ink - Time-lapse Bio-ink

The researchers at Living Ink Technologies weren't spending all of their investors' money trying to figure out how to revolutionize disappearing ink for the 21st century. They were hoping to develop a sustainable algae...

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Color-in Wallpaper

$53 from Burger »

Color-in Wallpaper is kind of like I See You Wallpaper, but without the watchful eyes looming over your every move, passing judgment as you eat Hungry Man Dinners, and rolling into the backs of the heads you drew for...

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The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book

$12.18 from Amazon »

Adult coloring books have experienced a recent surge in sales as meditative and therapeutic outlets. But how the H-A-Double-Hockey-Sticks-O-W-E-E-N does The Beauty of Horror think I'm supposed to calm down and relieve...

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Swear Word Adult Coloring Book (NSFW)

$6 from Amazon »

Adult coloring books are getting to be nearly as popular as Xanax for promoting relaxation and managing stress. Pair filling in the intricate line drawings with a few puffs of your favorite herbal refreshment, and you...

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Naughty Connect the Dots (NSFW)

$877.57 from Amazon »

Geez, even connect the dots sex looks complicated. There must be 200 numbers in each of these puzzles, and good luck trying to figure out what's lurking behind the connective ink lines before putting in the elbow grease....

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Between the Lines: An Expert Level Coloring Book

Sold Out from Amazon »

Why does Between the Lines: An Expert Level Coloring Book exist as a Kindle Edition? I mean, I don't really use much technology aside from my flip phone and Apple IIGS, but I feel like the appeal of a coloring book, particularly...

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AIR-INK: Ink Made from Air Pollution

$25 - $198 from Graviky Labs »

Think of AIR-INK as clean dirt. A series of markers and a vial of screen printing ink, the artist's tools are made from captured and purified air pollution particulate matter. In more visual terms, AIR-INK creators Graviky...