Duct Tape Engineer

Posted: July 07, 2017
Duct Tape Engineer
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Not sure knowing your way around a roll of duct tape will get you a job at NASA, but if you pair it with Duct Tape Engineer the knowledge could score you a sweet backpack. Or a whole entire kayak. That floats.


To find out for sure, check out Lance Akiyama's step-by-step instructions in Duct Tape Engineer - the book of Big, Bigger, and Epic Duct Tape Projects. Akiyama, who also wrote Rubber Band Engineer, goes beyond belts and bracelets in his adhesive adventures, compiling how-tos for 14 duct tape projects with legit functional uses. In addition to bags and boats, you can make a toolbox, a catapult, a geodesic dome, or even a queen bed frame.

I wonder if a duct tape bed frame would still hurt like a mother F'ing SOB C U next Tuesday when I stub my toe on it.

Duct Tape Engineer aims to impart solid construction techniques and easily understood written and illustrated instructions to ensure your DIY duct tape creations last longer than the ready-made creations you buy at the store, and then have to duct tape back together 3 weeks later.

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