Doctor Who Little Miss & Mr. Men Mashup Books

Posted: August 03, 2019
Doctor Who Little Miss & Mr. Men Mashup Books
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Roger Hargreaves' Little Miss and Mr. Men books get the Doctor Who mashup treatment with this line of storybooks giving each of the 13 Doctors new adventures and foes - more kid-friendly adventures and foes - to conquer. The series is written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves, original author Hargreaves' son.

I have mixed feelings about the Little Miss and Mr. Men books. My mama always read them to me as a kid, and while I loved Mr. Strong and Mr. Tickle, the ones she read to me most often were Mr. Noisy and, uh, Little Miss Bossy.

Still, I think the mashup of Hargreaves' quirky cartoons and personalities with the Whoniverse's quirky...everything...makes for a perfect children's book series that adult Doctor Who fans will dig sharing with their kids.

As a plotline example, Dr. First features the First Doctor and the Cybermen, the former of whom kicks off the story in a bad mood because he can't find his granddaughter. In his search he encounters an old foe, and his missing granddaughter quickly becomes just one of a bigger set of the good Doctor's problems.

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