Cooking for Two: Your Cat & You!

Posted: July 28, 2016
Cooking for Two: Your Cat & You!
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Uh...I guess this is for after your girlfriend shares a glass of a wine and a heart-to-heart with Mr. Winkles, and they're both a little hungry and a little tipsy and wouldn't it be great just to stay in and watch Sex and the City reruns and cook something nom, nom, nommy?

No, to take a line from a speech I recently heard, this isn't a reality show. It's reality. Check out Cooking for Two: Your Cat & You!

This is a bi-species cookbook that contains dozens of recipes for meals both you and your cat can eat. Together. According to authors Brandon Schultz and Lucy Schultz-Osenlund, with Cooking for Two: Your Cat & You! "Cat lovers can forget about eating solo, and cats no more have to look longingly at the meals their caretakers have prepared in hope of getting a bite." Well, at least they acknowledge anyone buying their book has probably been eating solo.

In addition to recipes, the book also gives a rundown of which human staples are and aren't safe for cats, suggests resources for making day-to-day cat food, and--oh boy--gives tips on making human-cat special occasion food that everyone (i.e., you and your cat and no one else) will love.

Unbelievably, I know 3 dudes who are single and own cats. I'm definitely getting Cooking for Two for all of them.

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