Bizarro Fiction

By: on September 21, 2013
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Bizarro fiction author Cameron Pierce has won awards for his fantastical, trippy, borderline psychotic tales of what life could be like if we all made better use of our imaginations, and consumed many, many tabs of acid. His bizarro genre encompasses the absurd, the satirical, and especially the grotesque, and Pierce's collection of novels, stories, and poems comprise both an epic journey of disturbing creativity, and one helluva an entertaining freak show. For example:

Ass Goblins of Auschwitz is beautifully described as "Monty Python meets Nazi exploitation in a surreal nightmare." The book's blurb instructs readers to prepare themselves to get "Shit Slaughtered" in a land of black snow run by a group of fascist and gassy aliens called Ass Goblins. The Goblins descend upon their neighboring Kidland, abducting children to subject to sadistic torture, such as eating other kids' skin and making bicycles and sex dolls out of their dead bodies. A pair of conjoined twin brothers plot their escape and endeavor to save the rest of the prisoners from mutation into goblin-child hybrids.

In Die You Doughnut Bastards, Pierce pits amputees, lonely young people, and talking animals against that bitch Mother Nature. An expecting couple must grapple with their typewriter made of fetuses, while a demonic loner goes to a birthday party in Hell. Vegetarian narwhals find themselves for sale at the supermarket and the zombie doughnuts, they are rising up.

Additional Pierce titles include Lost in Cat Brain Land, Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island, and Abortion Arcade.

Other writers also hold court in the bizarro fiction sphere, such as Carlton Mellick III, author of Christmas on Crack, The Haunted Vagina, and The Baby Jesus Butt Plug, and Mykle Hansen, author of Rampaging Fuckers of Everything on the Crazy Shitting Planet of the Vomit Atmosphere. Wow. Finally some writes who speak my language. Where were these guys during AP English?

Thanks to Leeford W. for the Dude Product Tip.

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