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By: on March 27, 2013
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I figured some people would question my substitution of "encyclopedia" for "lexicon" in the above Back to the Future Encyclopedia title, which represents any McFly lover's dream publication, A Matter of Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Lexicon, so I researched the difference between the two words. Want to know what I found out? Nope, you sure don't. 99% of you couldn't care less as long as the pages of whatever type of book this is contain thousands upon thousands of factoids about history's greatest artistic exploration of time travel. Which they 100% do. And as for the hairsplitting 1%...Google it yourselves, buttheads.

A Matter of Time pours the entire BTTF mythos from 1885 to 2015 into 3,000 alphabetical entries covering every character, place, and object ever featured in the films, as well as in the screenplays, cartoons, novels, video games, card game, amusement-park ride, and music videos. Ooh, music videos? I don't know about you, but boy could I go for some fun facts derived from The Power of Love. And, as a complete aside, I implore VH1 to release an all-Huey-Lewis episode of Pop-Up Video. Would that not be some kind of wonderful?

Other Back to the Future encyclo-lexicon inclusions:

  • 25 full-page interior sketches from artist Pat Carbajal.
  • A foreword by BTTF.com's Stephen Clark, a noted expert on the Back to the Future universe.
  • Detailed listings of Doc Brown's inventions, as well as all known ancestors, descendants and aliases for every major character from the film trilogy.
  • An episode guide to Back to the Future's entire expanded universe.
  • A gallery of more than 150 covers from the films' home-video releases, novels, and comics.

Suggested via Dude Product Tips by Paul G. Thanks, Paul.

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