Awesome Takes Practice Devotionals

By: on May 04, 2012
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Anybody Can Be Cool But Awesome Takes Practice is a literary jaunt along the path of Truth. See, cool people just act like they are better than everyone else. You know these people. They wear fedoras. They smoke electric cigarettes. They compare notes on their favorite 1997 Cabernets and bacon-themed desserts. But awesome people. Awesome people transcend these material trivialities of Satan and blossom their self-image from within. Awesome people, through their study of biblical teachings, their devotion to JC, and especially their zealous relaying of His message to confused Buddhists and hell-bound atheists, are ultimately able to envelop themselves in the glorious Truth. Awesome people are actually able to believe they are better than everyone else.

In a mere 13 weeks, Lorraine Peterson's devotional journey escalates fronts of cool to innate narcissistic sureties of awesome. Anybody Can Be Cool But Awesome Takes Practice helps teens to:

  • Discover what God says about each one of them. ("You're awesome.")
  • Focus on biblical truths that free people to express their true personalities. (Comprehensive awesomeness.)
  • Be strong to stand up to the constant lies from Satan regarding inferiority, lack of self-acceptance, and peer pressure. (Unleash the awesome.)
  • Become the unique and beautifully designed person God has created to reflect Jesus Christ to the world. (Behave like Mel Gibson.)

For those who have already achieved self-actualized Awesome, but still can't seem to remember their rotary dial combinations, check out Peterson's equally illuminating tome, If God Loves Me, Why Can't I Get My Locker Open? And for the morally corrupt--those who deceive, covet, use real swear words instead of replacing some of their letters with symbols, and listen to Lady GaGa--Peterson has a bestseller for you too: If the Devil Made You Do It, You Blew It! (But It Doesn't Need to Happen Again).

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World's Smallest Violin

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This is the world's smallest violin, and I'm gonna play it just for you...whiners! So many whiners! At work. On the road. At the checkout line. In my inbox. And the biggest one of all: right there in my bathroom mirror....

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Frosty the Eunuch Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Ugly Christmas Sweater season is here. The days, they have shortened. The temperatures, they have dropped. And the Tipsy Elves, they have knitted. The tacky, silly, funny, and dirty entries in their 2017 sweater line...

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How to Be a Drug Dealer

$8.98 from Amazon »

If Breaking Bad didn't provide enough of an education, How to Be a Drug Dealer should fill in any gaps left in your study to achieve proficiency and realize success in your pursuit of the street pharmacist profession....

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How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

$10.37 from Amazon »

A must-read for every cat parent! How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives consolidates 8 crucial public service pamphlets into a clear...

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Cereal Killer Bowl

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Decimate the Froot Loops, eradicate the Frosted Flakes, eliminate all traces of Trix with the Cereal Killer Bowl. Those Charms may be Lucky before the box is opened, but once once they hit your Dexter-approved bowl, it's...

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Boob Cube

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The Boob Cube is for idiots. And for geniuses. And for idiots who want to convince people they're really geniuses. And for geniuses you want to make feel like idiots. So, yeah, pretty much an ideal gift for any person...

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Anonymously Send Sh*t


If you know a lot of assholes, you know what it's like to deal with their shit. Now, it's time to return the favor. ShitSenders.com enables the shat upon to send steaming piles of Don't get mad, get even to inconsiderate...

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School of Hard Blocks - Alphabet Blocks for Adults

The School of Hard Blocks is a set of 12 alphabet blocks modeled after the traditional wood children's blocks, but made of concrete. And made for adults who need to learn, ponder, or build up their own ABCs. Adultery....

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Faking It: How to Seem Like a Better Person

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...Without Actually Improving Yourself. As a self-help book, Faking It adds a delightful twist: you don't have to journal or meditate or talk about your feelings or change at all to help yourself. You just have to perfect...

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Whiskey River Sarcastic Soaps

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Whiskey River Soaps are like modern-day Shakespearean comedies. Insightful in reading people. Precise in their social commentary. Charming and funny. And, to complement our 21st century needs, not tl;dr, and serving more...

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The Complaint Department Grenade Sign

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When I saw this "Complaint Department" sign with a "Please take a number" directive pointing right at the pin of a grenade, I first assumed it was meant for the office. I know my boss would sure like to have one....

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What Do You Meme? Game

Elliot Tebele, overlord of the famed Instagram account Fuckjerry, has made a pretty natural transition with What Do You Meme? His images and commentary translate seamlessly from work day slacking reading material on the...