A Dude's Guide to the Couch

Posted: May 08, 2019
A Dude's Guide to the Couch
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John Weiler wrote a book about me and my happy place. A Dude's Guide to the Couch: 70 amazing things you can do on your couch (aka dude's best friend), unlike my boss and wife, is all about encouraging me to stay in my happy place for extended periods of time! It even says I can improve my life doing so.

Now that's the kind of self-help, DIY therapy book I'm talkin' about!

If you need a Father's Day gift for Dad, I bet he'd be interested in A Dude's Guide to the Couch too. Especially if it means he doesn't have to get up when the rest of the family arrives to see him.

In addition to writing about 70 sofa-focused ways to relieve stress and enjoy life's simple pleasures, Weiler also includes his own cartoon illustrations in A Dude's Guide to the Couch, so you don't have to read too hard to figure out how to make the most of your relaxation space and "embrace your dudehood."

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