A Book of Beards

Posted: December 27, 2012
A Book of Beards

Author Justin James Muir deems the 86 follicular face thatches crawling through the pages of his A Book of Beards "stunning." Though I may have chosen a more manly descriptor, such as bomb, boss, or Zangief, I would have to agree with the sentiment. The compilation may be the slickest, most aesthetically captivating F You to razors ever created. And the bulk of its proceeds are going to the man on the cover, Mike, a good friend of Muir's who has been (successfully) battling testicular cancer and its repercussions since 2011. Remaining profits will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a nod to the disease Muir's twin brother ultimately conquered after a diagnosis in 1997.

Along with the gallery of awe-inspiring wooly growths, Muir includes 18 anecdotes and musings on beards, including the comparison of a man's facial hair to a tree's trunk rings. "Long or short, thick or thin, unkempt or cropped," he notes, "the hair on a man's chin can say a lot about the time he has spent on this planet."

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