Planet Hoth LEGO Chess Set

Posted: October 10, 2012
Planet Hoth LEGO Chess Set

From entirely new LEGO parts, Benjamin of Brickplace Custom has crafted this ornate 17.7" x 17.7" Star Wars chess set pitting the Rebel Alliance against the Empire on the ice planet Hoth. Though a few comments on his Flickr page point out some board discrepancies--nonsense about white corners on the right and such--I think the stuffy rules of chess are no match for the intricacy and creativity that went into constructing this bad boy. The tundra board alone would make for a prime addition to my geekosphere. Look at that side view! Everyone's always on about front sides and back sides, but I say it's time to give sideways the credit it's due. Well, sideways and the Wampa, which is by far the coolest of both the chess set's LEGO piece and George Lucas' Star Wars creations.

Muchas danke to Geeks Are Sexy.

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