Wampa Rug

Posted: June 02, 2012
Wampa Rug
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In these progressive times, more and more monsters are coming out from under the bed, and unabashedly scaring the bejeezus out of little kids and first time visitors to where the magic happens from right alongside it. The abominable Wampa Rug is a sweet bearskin substitute for Star Wars die hards, and a spooky-cool Where the Wild Things Are sort of installation for the 1 billion women and 6 men who are not.

When gutted, flattened, and treated by the nation's premier taxidermists, the carnivorous inhabitants of Hoth emerge with stuffed pillow heads, and spread to 62" x 30" of cuddly love. Wampa Rug fur is synthetic and claws vinyl.

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