Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure

By: on May 31, 2014
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Whoa, the sixth scale collectible figure of Wolverine as portrayed by Hugh Jackman might look more like Hugh Jackman portraying Wolverine than Hugh Jackman himself. Head sculptor and painter Lee So Young and JC Hong should be given high-paying jobs designing RealDolls. I'll take the circa 1992 Cindy Crawford version, please.

A movie-accurate representation of Jackman in The Wolverine, Hot Toys' 12" tall action figure has over 30 points of articulation for battling the Silver Samurai and encroaching lap dogs. Five pairs of interchangeable palms include fists with both metal and bone claws, a pair of empty fists, a pair of relaxed palms, and a pair of palms designed to hold the included engraved metal Japanese sword and sheath.

Sixth scale Wolverine packages also come with 2 different trademark Logan styles. The first, his muscle-bulging fighting gear, is composed of a white tank, gray jeans, a belt, and brown boots. Brooding and covered up, Wolverine wears an entirely black ensemble consisting of a blazer, coat, shirt and tie, pants, belt, socks, and shoes.

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Wolverine Style Hand Claw Dagger

Sold Out from Amazon »

What the WTF Amazon? You're in the weapons trade now? These costume-y looking hand claws have real blades of razor-sharp, 8.75-inch, 440C stainless steel, which make them exponentially and disturbingly more portentous...

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Rogue From X-Men Costume


It's The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants' most famous defector in living, non-Anna-Paquin form! This milliskin Rogue jumpsuit is made to order in your choice of kotobukiya with green details, classic with black details, and...

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Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter Action Figures

$269 from Blitzway »

I had forgotten I started working on this Hannibal Lecter Action Figure post and left my computer for a few hours to eat some sloppy joes and self-serve fro yo, and when I came back I was looking right into the muzzled...

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Bob Ross Funko Pop Figure

$16.35 from Amazon »

Funko has decided to turn Bob Ross into one of their Pop! figures. Finally, Ross! You had to wait 22 years after your death to receive this honor, but, as it does when painting happy little clouds and trees, patience...

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Vitruvian Man Action Figure

$79 from Amazon »

A 4-armed, 4-legged Vitruvian Man action figure is going to be 4 times the fun to pose on my desk at work. And 4 times the trippy. In fact, factor in the naked and anatomically correct to his spider count of limbs, and...

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The Pantera Claw

Sold Out from Amazon »

I don't know if the Pantera Claw looks cooler than the Wolverine-esque claw we previously showed you--I should have had the forethought to consult on this topic with the bearded grandmaster modeling the latter version--but...

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Star Wars Kama Sutra

$19.50 from Amazon »

SN Herder has thought a lot about the Force awakening. So much that his mind went...there. First the gutter, and then the toy bin. Herder says he made The Extremely Unofficial and Highly Unauthorized Star Wars Kama Sutra...

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Pulp Fiction Explicit Talking Action Figures

$39.93 - $49.99 from Amazon »

I bet I know what's been missing from your Christmas mornings: profanity. Lots and lots of profanity. And also Quentin Tarantino (which might explain the lack of profanity). Well guess what, dudes, thanks to toymaker...

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Wolverine Meat Claws

$19.99 from ThinkGeek »

Adamantium is a natural for shredding meat, but I wonder if Wolverine has ever considered using his claws to shred cooked meat. Particularly giant butts of pork grilled slow and smoky on the BBQ, and slathered with sauce...

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Zoids Highend Master Model Kits

$55 - $100 from Amazon »

The one thing I know about Kotobukiya's Zoids is that even if naughty boys and girls receive them as gifts this year, only good--as in skilled and nimble-fingered--boys and girls will get to play with them because these...

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Darth Vader Samurai Warrior Doll

$1,838 from Japan Trend Shop »

Darth Vader as a samurai warrior. Hmmm, a strange mixing of metaphors, but it still fits. Trade the lightsaber for a sword, swap out the E-3778Q-1 mobile life support system and cape for ancient Japanese mobile life support...

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Life-Size Iron Man Statue

$4,497 from Iron Man Statue »

Outstanding. Not just that it's a life-size Mark 42 statue from Iron Man 3, but that whomever forged it deemed "life-size" to mean "Robert Downey Jr.-size", which is actually more like garden gnome-size. Good thing Iron...