The Hangover Bobblehead

By: on September 01, 2011
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Not at the table, Carlos. I own this miniature, inanimate, though somehow no less intrusive version of Alan, and the dude has actually woken me up in the middle of the night with his endless ramblings. It almost give me a heart attack. I figured someone had broken in, and was easing the blow of stealing all my shit by doing Hangover quotes.

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Vapshot Vaporized Alcohol System

$1,299 from Vapshot »

The Vapshot Mini Home System is a countertop liquor vaporizer. It looks kinda like an air pump at the gas station. It acts kinda like one too. Except instead of pumping on a hose to inflate your Goodyears, you'll suck...

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Ullo Sulfite Remover & Wine Aerator

$79.95 from Wine Enthusiast »

But Ullo, the best part about a night of free-flowing bottles of cheap red wine is the cranial eruption I feel building in my sinuses the next morning! Why would I want to filter out the sulfites responsible for it*?...

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Proof - Wearable Blood Alcohol Sensor


It's not so much what proof is in your pudding as it is how that proof permeates your blood. Personal breathalyzers, and even app-compatible and smartphone breathalyzers, have been around for years now. But they all share...

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The Football Briefcase

$499.99 from Urban Mercenaries »

F nuclear codes and attacks. Booze, cards, Red Bull, cash, mints, and first aid are a real man's real tickets to power and life-altering--or at least night-altering--decisions. The briefcase. The weapons. The Football....

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Sober Up Detoxification Enhancer

$30 from Sober Up »

I sure hope my balance, mental clarity, and liver are enjoying themselves right now because my rippin' headache has yet to feel the benefits of Sober Up, the detoxification enhancer I just chugged like Kool-Aid. I know...

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Ember Hangover Burner

$11.99 - $19.99 from Ember »

Not that we should be rewarded for irresponsibly drinking to excess such that we need preventative steps to hangovers, but...Ember kind of rewards us for irresponsibly drinking to excess by way of serving as a preventative...

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Saw Puppet Bobblehead

$22.37 from Amazon »

Oh good, it's Billy the Puppet poised to nod and smirk at me all day long. That mouth doesn't actually move, does it? And that tricycle doesn't actually roll, does it? What are the odds that a bobblehead from Saw arrives...

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Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch

$32.49 - $149.99 from Amazon »

Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch: Argument in Favor....

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Toniiq Hangover Treatment

$28 from Toniiq »

This Memorial Day weekend, I will metabolize my alcohol without damaging my liver! I will take Toniiq Lingzhi capsules the morning after my nights of heavy drinking and address the underlying metabolic process that causes...

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Anchor Anti-Nausea Bar

$11.99 - $39.99 from Amazon »

Sea sick? Morning sick? Meds sick? Eight Rum & Cokes and maybe a shot of whiskey sick? Anchor yourself....

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Ladybird How-To Books for Grown-Ups

$0.78 - $3.07 from Amazon »

1960s pictures, 2010s nuggets of wisdom. The London-based Laybirds launched in 1964 as a series of hardback books presenting stereotypes of Brits and their family life. They were intended to help kids learn to read. And...

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The Hungoevr Cookbook

$8.50 from Amazon »

Does The Hungoevr Cookbook spotlight a small, yet decidedly porky hog on its cover because bacon is the ultimate hangover cure, or because it would also like to point out that those of us requiring a cookbook tailored...