Star Wars Cats Pincushions

By: on May 14, 2013
Star Wars Cats Pincushions
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One thing I really do not like is cats. Which makes them the perfect subject for a pincushion. Their Star Wars spin trips me up a little--it's going to be way less gratifying to stab a Han Solo cat in the gut than it would be just to stab a cat in the gut--but at least this way it will be slightly more justifiable for me to have a collection of felt feline sewing accessories displayed on my bookshelf the next time Cornelius comes over to play DrunkQuest.

Kathleen of Fat Cat Crafts handmakes all of her functional pincushions for sewers, Star Wars fans, and sadistic cat haters alike. OK, probably not so much for the last group, but hey, once you offer a product to the general population you can't really pick and choose which members of the general population are gonna buy it. I've recently come to that unsavory realization in contemplating why so many people are purchasing the weird latex horse head mask we ran a while back.

Pincushions stand about 5-1/2" tall and come in Star Wars characters Han Solo, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and Obi Wan Kenobi.