Sports Team Nesting Dolls

By: on January 30, 2013
Sports Team Nesting Dolls
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Oh look, people who understand sports, a 5-piece matryoshka doll set handmade in Russia to the professional or collegiate team specifications of any rabid fan. The featured 49ers set depicts actual players. For example, all-star powerhouse quarterback, #11, Alex Smith. Uhhh...oops. Guess this set was made a little too early in the season. But it's a nice consolation for Alex. He lost fame and reverence on the field to Colin Kaepernick this year, but gained immortalization in linden wood polished with 3 layers of crystal clear lacquer.

Ravens fans will note their team is represented in matryoshka form too, with a very controversial Ray Lewis holding the Grand Poobah outermost doll slot. College football and professional basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer teams also have examples available for viewing, admiring, mocking, and yelling expletives at. F'in Yankees.