Silver Army Men

Posted: June 28, 2015
Silver Army Men
$195 - $235
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The army men you played with as a kid? It's now even more justifiable to continue dinking around with them as an adult thanks to Silver Army Men, a collection of, yep, your favorite fearless action figures rendered in solid sterling silver. Not only has this take on the plastic toys classed the men up with a more mature aesthetic, but the damn things cost a couple hundos a pop, so no dad in his right mind is going to let Jr. get his boogies and Choco Taco-crusted hands on them. Translation: Follow Me, Bazooka, Kneeling, and Machine Gunner all for you to line up on your desk and use to stage attacks against the a-hole corgi your VP of Marketing insists on bringing to the office with her. Outgrowing childhood toys and pet-friendly work environment policies can suck it!

Less their material substitution, Silver Army Men conform to the precise specs and detail of their original Vietnam-era cohorts from Louis Marx & Co. They generally weigh between 0.75 and 1.25 ounces, and come in Classic, Doughboy, and Skull Face and versions. Silver Army Men says the latter "have had their heads lopped off and replaced with our custom Jack Skull." Full, 12-man squadrons of each variety are also available for purchase.

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