Scarface - Tony Montana Action Figure

By: on February 25, 2012
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If Tony Montana--or Al Pacino himself--ever wanted a Mini-Me, this would be it. In fact, looking at the photo closeup, it's hard to tell action figure Scarface is indeed only an action figure, he's so expertly designed and crafted*. From the cocky stance up to the scowl lines framing his face, Tony is no less intimidating at 12" than he is at...uh, well...5'6". Pacino is small, yo. Know what else he is? Italian. Scarface, a larger-than-life Cuban American icon, played by, and immortalized for eternity as, a wee Guido. But unlike Tom Cruise and Time magazine, Al Pacino doesn't wear 5" lifts, or apologize for not being Latino. Because his ass as Tony Montana is bad enough to command our unconditional awe and worship no matter how tiny or non-ethnic it is.

Celebrate his likeness, and ownership of one of the most memorable roles in cinematic history, here with 36 points of articulation on a PVC and ABS body. The Tony Montana action figure comes with:

  • A gun and real leather shoulder holster
  • Two extra hands
  • Two golden necklaces
  • A white double-button suit, purple-red dress shirts, and belt
  • Brown shoes with magnets inside for leg attachment
  • A cigar
  • A, no the chair
  • A wooden base with a black metal plate for display

*Please give us due credit for not jumping all over the "little friend" jokes.

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The TRON Light Cycle


Yeah, it costs more than twice the country's 2011 median income, but two little words make it worth every penny: Street. Legal. If you can convince the bank, or your mom, to spot you the cash, a living, breathing replica...

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Mini Matchstick Revolver

$182.86 from DHgate.com »

This mini model 304 revolver is a little pricey given all it does is load matches and go Bang! but if you're looking for a gift for a man, you really can't go wrong with a toy that...loads matches and goes Bang!...

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Jet Turbine Powered Batmobile


If you thought the TRON Lightcycle was awesome (and expensive) prepare your senses for overload as they take in this Batmobile replica. It's street registered in the US, so if you dream of trying your hand at Batman-style...

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Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter Action Figures

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I had forgotten I started working on this Hannibal Lecter Action Figure post and left my computer for a few hours to eat some sloppy joes and self-serve fro yo, and when I came back I was looking right into the muzzled...

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Goth Angel Fantasy Figurines


I'm not really into dolls or fairies...anymore...but if someone wants to commission me one of Shadowsculpt's goth angel fantasy figurines, let's just say I'm not going to regift it along with the label maker from Elaine....

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Daft Punk Helmet Replica

This is just one of many amazing DIY projects undertaken by Harrison Krix, and documented on his personal blog. If you think these photos are cool, check out his detailed explanation of them, as well as his nifty time...

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Euler's Disk of Infinite Spin & Sound

$24.99 from Amazon »

I'm not saying the Euler's Disk isn't fascinating and rad and a commendable utilization of the laws of physics, but watching and listening to it creates a great deal of anxiety in my heart. It's like the foreboding music...

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Life-Size Alien Head

$1,799.99 from Sideshow Collectibles »

When the staff at the H.R. Giger Museum in Switzerland saw this life-size replica head of the monstrous Alien their namesake created you could literally see the pride and joy bursting from their chests. (Good luck to...

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Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow


The dude in your office who always says to Ping me, brah! when that copy's done. When you're getting coffee? When it's time for Friday Feats of Strength in the conference room? Oh, it's time to ping him, brah!...

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Bob Ross Funko Pop Figure

$15.50 from Amazon »

Funko has decided to turn Bob Ross into one of their Pop! figures. Finally, Ross! You had to wait 22 years after your death to receive this honor, but, as it does when painting happy little clouds and trees, patience...

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Vitruvian Man Action Figure

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A 4-armed, 4-legged Vitruvian Man action figure is going to be 4 times the fun to pose on my desk at work. And 4 times the trippy. In fact, factor in the naked and anatomically correct to his spider count of limbs, and...

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Giant Batman Batarang

$199.99 from ThinkGeek »

A 4-foot Batman Batarang. I wonder if you could hang glide on that thing. I wonder if it would make a good frisbee. Or, at 4-1/2 pounds, a good World's Strongest Man chucking event....