Predator Bobbleheads

By: on June 28, 2014
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The Predator bobblehead reminds me that I need to take revenge on this guy with an FJ Cruiser who parks next to me at work. He has a gold Japanese fortune cat mounted on his front dash that is perpetually, menacingly...waving. And not even waving normally, which would still be weird for a cat. Waving vertically, up and down, up and down at the shoulder joint. As if cats don't creep me out enough. The golden sheen, the sinister grin, the paw that never stops waving.... I think I'll get one of these Predator Head Knockers, probably the one snarling with a gaping mouth, and park it on my dashboard with a note staked to its spear: Stop waving or I'll eat your arm off.

Less vindictive potential uses of the Predator bobbleheads include collecting the whole series and lining them up on a bookshelf because you're a fanboy, or buying a pair and letting them serve as wedding cake toppers as Amazon reviewer little_lady did:

I used this [featured photo version] as the "bride" on my wedding cake. I bought a different predator bobble head for the "groom". I made wedding clothes for them and they were awesome. Everyone loved them.

NECA's bobbing Predator figurines stand a little over 7" tall.

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Sick in the Head: The 10 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

Some people say you're sick in the head for riding a motorcycle. I say you're sick in the head if you're wearing one of these motorcycle helmets. And I mean it in the very, very best sense of the word. Here are my picks...

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Predator Helmet

$780 - $1,180 from NLO Moto »

When Batman got a helmet it made Predator all jealous so he whined to NLO Moto, "WTF man? First he gets the higher budget movies and legitimate actors and then DC rejects my idea for a The Dark Knight v. Predator crossover...

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Sharkbanz Shark Deterrent

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I'm not even sure I trust mosquito-repellent wristbands, so I'm doubly unsure about ones that claim to deter sharks. What I am sure about is that I'd much rather be the test subject for an itchy bloodsucker Invisaband...

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Saw Puppet Bobblehead

$22.37 from Amazon »

Oh good, it's Billy the Puppet poised to nod and smirk at me all day long. That mouth doesn't actually move, does it? And that tricycle doesn't actually roll, does it? What are the odds that a bobblehead from Saw arrives...

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Predator Claw Rings


Do you trust your girlfriend or wife? Implicitly? If you're going to let her own these, then you damn well better because she could slice your fat face up real nice and quick with these bad boys. OR she could give you...

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The Hangover Bobblehead

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Not at the table, Carlos. I own this miniature, inanimate, though somehow no less intrusive version of Alan, and the dude has actually woken me up in the middle of the night with his endless ramblings. It almost give...