Miss Naughty Talking Keychain

Posted: November 23, 2012
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Did you know the squeezable, talk-raunchy-to-me Miss Naughty Doll also comes in compact, white elephant gift-ready keychain size? Until now, I didn't. I mean, a bookish, wholesome guy like me didn't even know a full-size Miss Naughty existed. The things that come out of her mouth! I had to look up almost every word on Urban Dictionary. And why does she talk about being too tired, but then mention that she has a sister? I don't get it.

Anyway, despite not really understanding anything that's going on here, I'm pretty sure the above video deserves an NSFW tag. Unless, of course, you're bringing Miss Naughty to your office holiday party.

Miss Naughty was named the Adult Play Doll of the Year. For which year and by which organization (in this case, probably not NAMBLA) are both unclear, but if you're not buying that sell, how about this one: "She is every man's dream!! She is every man's perfect woman!" In other words: when she isn't mouthing off one of her 7 very dirty, male-ego-boosting phrases, she doesn't talk at all! Batteries included.

By the way, I get the jumbo-sized boobies, but what's up with the jumbo-sized hands and feet?

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