LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 2017

By: on September 01, 2017
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Start saving your credits and wupiupi. LEGO is dropping a new Millennium Falcon model - a 7,500-piece behemoth of a brick freighter - on October 1, 2017. Need a gift for a man? Particularly a man you'd like to make very happy, but would also like to get out of your hair for a while? Put a bow on LEGO's most detailed Star Wars set ever and I promise, you won't see him again for weeks.

LEGO Millennium Falcon 75192 pairs a pants-wettingly intricate ship exterior with an equally complex cockpit, rear compartment, and gunnery station. You'll assemble a detachable canopy, upper and lower quad laser cannons, a concealed blaster cannon, 7 landing legs, and a lowering boarding ramp along with the Falcon's main body.

The brick set also comes with 7 minifigures, spanning both the classic and contemporary era of the Star Wars saga. The days of old bring us Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and C-3PO. (And since we were all wondering, thanks to LEGO for providing photographic evidence that, yes, the LEGO Millennium Falcon cockpit is big enough for Han and Leia to stand under an archway and make out.) New school Star Wars minifigs include Old Man Han, Rey, and Finn, plus a BB-8 droid, a pair of buildable Porgs, and a buildable Mynock.

LEGO has also made the Millennium Falcon model with interchangeable round / rectangular sensor dishes to give further authenticity to the crew you decide put aboard the ship.

The freighter's main hold includes a seating area, Dejarik holographic game, combat remote training helmet, engineering station with turning minifigure seat, and a (makeout) doorway build with passageway decoration.

In the rear compartment you'll build an engine room with hyperdrive and console, a pair of doorways, a hidden floor compartment, two escape pod hatches, an engineering console, and an access ladder to the gunnery station. And in the gunnery station? More parts to assemble! A minifig gunner's seat and the detachable hull panel with rotating laser cannon.

Once completed, your 7,500-brick-strong LEGO Millennium Falcon will span 33" long by 22" across, and rise 8" off the prominent, spotlighted display stand you mount it on.

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