Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex Interactive Dinosaurs

Posted: August 29, 2018
Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex Interactive Dinosaurs
$14.84 - $14.99
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With their Untamed T-Rex interactive dinosaur toys, Fingerlings has finally mastered the gift for your kid that is also a gift for yourself. And don't forget to collect all 4 to display on your desktop his nightstand!

I have to admit, I Fingerlings were kind of cute even before the Rrraawwrr! Untamed T-Rex version of the digit huggers came out. And Ironjaw, Scratch, Tracker, and Ripsaw here have more than affirmed my appreciation for them. Like their monkey, sloth, and unicorn counterparts, the dinosaurs interact with their owners via responsive sounds, motions, and touch.

But being more ferocious beast than precious baby action figure, the T-Rex Fingerlings come with 2 modes: Tamed and Untamed. Should owners choose Tamed mode, they'll get the softer side of the Cretaceous period: a T-Rex that nuzzles and purrs. But flip the switch to Untamed, and those sounds turn to roars, hisses, and chomps.

Untamed T-Rex reacts to taps on his nose and head, as well as pets and shakes. Shakes? Shakes?! If you shake your pet, you probably deserve whatever animalistic response you get.

Even in Untamed mode, T-Rex owners can work to calm down their little buddies with a specific petting pattern. And, right special and strange for this dinosaur edition of Fingerlings, you can press and hold your T-Rex's sensors together to experience a face full of Tyrannosaurus gas.

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